Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arm-ageddonit by J.R. Bender


Written by J.R. Bender

Page 1: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: The panel is actually completely black.

CAPTION: Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream? – Edgar Allen Poe

CAPTION: Did you ever have that feeling in the pit of your stomach, that something was not exactly right, but you couldn’t figure out what it was?

Phineus: (V.O.) Dodge…don’t block!

Panel 2: The panel is composed of Phin’s mouth locked in a screaming motion.

                                    CAPTION: It’s almost like you were screaming, but no sound could come out.

Panel 3: Medium shot from a side shot/ three quarters panel shot of Phin holding his side in pain. The background is kind of obscured and very “German Expressionistic” like, as we are still unsure of the surroundings.

CAPTION: Then you wake up from the nightmare, the bad dreams, and realize that it is all over…

Panel 4: Close-up of Phin’s face as he looks wide eyed and perplexed…he feels no pain at all.

Phineus: (in thought) Wha?! I should be in pain…I think. But I feel fine. But I feel as though I should be remembering something. It’s like I am misplacing something in my mind.

Panel 5: Wide shot of the surroundings, as we finally see that Phin is in a bed that is wired all over the place, and the bed is actually vertical. It is hovering about some sort of gravity well device that is oval shaped on the floor, and the wires are strewn about the room very randomly. There is a liquid in pools on the floor, and there is an atmosphere of ominous dread abound. Phin seems to be looking about his surroundings.

                                    CAPTION: …or is it?

Panel 6: Close-up shot of Phin trying to get a focused view of the area, as we see that he is viewing the world in a hazy, shadowed perspective. His spectrum is very dark, so he is trying to adjust.

Phineus: (in thought) Now I know what Han Solo felt like in Return of the Jedi, only where’s my princess?

Page 2: (7 Panels)

Panel 1: POV shot of Phineus trying to see the three new silhouettes that have appeared in his room. They look like some form of expressionistic painting against the wall. Think of shadows and features from a Murnau or James Whale movie.

Panel 2: Closer version of the same shot as above, but it is blurred slightly to give the appearance of his eyes focusing. It is meant to be like a camera panning in, as we get closer to the silhouette that will be Sara.

Panel 3: Medium Shot of Sara in a nondescript dress with two smaller individuals still out of focus standing next to her. She is looking slightly worried, and has her left hand to her hip, and her right is placed on one of the shadowed individuals. The room is still reminiscent of a German silent film.

                                    Sara: … (She is saying something, but we can not make it out, Phin can not hear yet.)

Panel 4 and 5: Basically this a two-part Medium shot of the children at their mother’s waist. The waist is in the middle, and it is from the bottom of the breasts to just above the knees, with Emma to the left in the 4th panel and Nils to the right in the 5th panel. Emma is behind he mom’s leg, and Nils is just holding her hand and nestled next to Sara. (This whole thing is also up to interpretation…I shouldn’t have to tell you that though.)

Panel 6: A close-up of Phin with him looking somewhat confused, as he is grimacing.

Phin: (in thought) I can see her lips moving, but I can’t hear anything…what has happened to me?

Panel 7: Close up of Sara, as she is still trying to talk to our hero. She is now looking a little confused herself.
                                    Sara: …and then… Phin? Phin can you hear me?

Page 3: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot of Phineus as he looks a little beat, and somewhat tired. He is trying to feign happiness, but something is underlying a fear of his that something is quite wrong here. Also he is seen here trying to rise up a little in his weird Dr. Frankenstein/Serial Experiments Lain looking table. It is covered in weird wires and monitors, and there are some lights from the foot of the bed, but nothing substantially discernable.

                                    Phineus: Hi guys. How are you all?

Panel 2: Medium-Long shot of Nils running to his father, and hugging him. This can be shown from behind Nils as his is in the process of hugging Phineus. Phineus has a grimace to his face, as this was an unexpected hit to the stomach, and didn’t have time to prepare for the loss of air. Maybe tilting this to a certain angle can also add some impact of the hit as well. The shadows have started to lighten a bit, but something still seems amiss, and there is still darkness to the room and it’s surroundings.

                                    Phineus: Hi there Nilssss…oooomph…aargh.
                                    SFX: THUMP

Panel 3: Medium shot from behind Phineus, as he is facing Sara and Emma. Sara seems to be shaken a bit, but Emma seems more on the frightened end. The window in the background is lit, but it is very dim at the moment, though it seems to be the afternoon.

                                    Sara: Nils honey, daddy is probably still sore!

Phineus: It’s ok Sara…really! I actually feel good; I was just not prepared is all.

Sara: Thank God for modern medicine Phin, but how is…your…well…

Phineus: What hon.? What is it?

Panel 4: Long shot of Emma running to her daddy. His hands reach to embrace her. The light seems to focus on him and her, as they stand it seems outside of time in happiness.

CAPTION: To awake from the dream, and find that you were back to normal. Your family was with you, and you seemed complete. Nothing was wrong you were awake finally…

Panel 5: Close-up of Phin holding his daughters head in his hands and gazing at her, and just sighing in joy to see them again.
Phineus: (sighs) My sweet Emma…it is so good to hold you dear. I wish you could understand that.

Panel 6: The same panel as before, except that it is faded and the face is obscured.

                                    CAPTION: … or are you?

Page 4: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Same Panel Page 3’s panel 5, except Phin is not holding the face, and the hair is now in pigtails. A young woman is in place of his daughter, and she is somewhat desperate.

Panel 2: A medium shot looking down at the young woman sitting in a chair. She is in a spot light or something, but the background to the room she is in is not seen. It is simply negative space.

                                    Caitlin: My mentor said you might be able to help me a little.

Panel 3: A long shot from a ¾’s perspective of the girl in the chair (the camera is facing her backside) and Phineus at his desk, hand folded and listening to her story. We see we are in Phineus’ office, filled with the usual clutter from his cases past and present, as well as some souvenirs and such all about.

                                    Phineus: Who is your mentor?

Caitlin: Was you mean. And his name was Kain Soryan.

Panel 4: A medium shot of Phineus from behind the desk. A look of shock is now on Phineus’ face as she has recanted the fall of Kain Soryan.

                                    Phineus: He’s dead then?

Caitlin: Yep.

Phineus: Bummer.

Caitlin: Yeah. What’s wrong? Did you know Kain well?

Phineus: We were students together back in the Fourier College, but we were kinda rivals.

Panel 5: A side shot of Phineus leaning over the desk a little further to talk to Caitlin.

Phineus: Well that is until his last semester, when we had a little run in with a minor demon and all. We parted on good terms, but I haven’t heard from him in a long time.

Caitlin: So Phineus, right? Can I call you...

Panel 6: Close-up as Phineus is shaken, as someone is shouting his name. It no longer appears to be Caitlin’s voice being heard, but Sara’s!

                                    Sara: PHIN!

Phineus: Huh?! No need to shout…uh Sara?

CAPTION: Your mind begins to play tricks on you, and you lose the grip you thought you had on reality. You now begin to doubt your sanity.

Page 5: (4 Panels)

Panel 1: Long shot as we see Phineus look about the room to see that he is still in the hospital with his family. He also sees Sara look a little exasperated.

                                    Phineus: (whispering to himself) What the hell?

                                    Sara: Phin, are you sure you are ok?

                                    Phineus: dandy.

Panel 2: Close up on Phineus as he is deep in thought, he is now somewhat closer to coming down from the bed now, as he is moving a bit more.

Phineus: (in thought) It’s like I am drifting off to someone else’s memories…but they are mine. Aren’t they? Could these be repressed memories, and if so, what would be so powerful that I would forget about what happened…seemingly long enough to be in the hospital and not know?

Panel 3: Medium shot of Sara, kids behind, looking worried about Phineus.

Sara: Phin, you had us worried. I thought maybe that you sustained greater injuries and were possibly dying.

Phineus: Um no Sara, I’m not dead.

Sara: (whispers) yet.

Panel 4: Long shot of Sara looking at Phineus with a curious fervor to her gaze. The children flank her and she is now at the foot of the bed, somewhat standoffish.

Sara: No, it was nothing, but the doctors are concerned that you may have sustained some damage to the brain, possibly even memory loss. Do you remember anything yet?

Page 6: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot of Phineus as he looks to his side, which is covered in bandages.

Phineus: (in thought) I was half expecting to have my head bandaged, not this. There goes my concussion theory to solve why I am drifting in and out like this.

Phineus: No…I don’t remember anything. Wait…There is the face of this young woman. Why? What is happening to me?

Panel 2: Close up of Sara as she begins to take a defensive posture, physically and emotionally. The room is starting to brighten a bit more as well, and some of the machinery and items therein are becoming clearer.

                                    Sara: Who is she to you?!!

Phineus: Whoa, whoa Sara, what’s wrong?

Sara: I want to know who she is?

Panel 3: Medium shot of Phineus as he is trying to position himself to talk better. The room’s brightness is still raising, and defining more stuff. The room is taking a creepy, Coma-like vibe to it, but drenched in a white bath of color. Sara is intently staring at him, and the kids have drifted to the back of the shot…if they are in it at all.

                                    Phineus: I wish I could remember who she is.

                                    Sara: Why?! Did you sleep with her?

Phineus: Sara, why are you talking like this in front of the kids? And where is this coming from?

Sara: Why not?! If their father is a big cheater and deadbeat, why shouldn’t they know about it?

Panel 4: Close up of Phineus’ eye as he is seeing something happen in the room that is nuts, and also what he is hearing is nuts. If you can show a small pic of Sara pulling out a gun through his eye, do so.

                                    Phineus: What?!

Panel 5: Long shot of Phineus in bed trying to get out now, as Sara has drawn forth her pistols, and the kids are now armed too with weapons. They are bringing them to bear on Phin, and he is getting extremely worried.

                                    CAPTION: Well you better get a grip on reality soon, before it gets a death grip on you.

Page 7: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Long shot of Phineus jumping out of the bed straight at the viewer, just as the kids and Sara fire upon it. The light is coming closer into view now; less of a German Expressionistic look, and more like 2001 with a bluish light resonating abound (I know that it is black and white, maybe play with grays a bit and lighting sources).

                                    SFX: BOOM. BOOM. PKOW!

                                    Phineus: Yaaaaaa!

Panel 2: Behind Phineus at a worm’s eye view shot of him running down the hallway away from the “crazy” family. The hallways are darkened a bit as well, but them seem old and rusted. A very worn and used look to the hall, complete with blinking lights and overturned gurneys.

CAPTION: Hoping for a miracle…you have to love adrenaline! Never leave home without it!

Panel 3: Medium shot from bird’s eye view from the right corner of the room, as it focuses on Phineus and Caitlin continuing their conversation.

                                    Phineus: So Kain died fighting a demon?

Panel 4: Close up front shot of Phineus intently listing to every word that Caitlin spills on the fall of her mentor. He seems to be concentrating as if he were trying to recall that name she just mentioned.

Caitlin: (O.P.) Yeah, its name was Xip Totepic, and he was a follower of Baal and Sam Hain.

Panel 5: Medium shot from behind Phineus’ right side as he faces Caitlin, still amidst the conversation about Kain and the demon. Caitlin has a slight smile starting to coming across her face.

                                    Phineus: Heavy.

                                    Caitlin: Yup.

                                    Phineus: So why have you come here to me…what can I do for you?

Page 8: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up of Caitlin’s face as she is telling her tale. Her head is set against blackness, and in the blackness and sort of merging with her head, is a full body image of an angelic looking and sort of chrome skinned woman. The merging is more of an artistic layout, flashy thing.

Caitlin: Well, much like you, I am very in tune with magic, but I am more of a natural at it. My mother was a magical construct, and she gave birth to me, a being of this plane’s reality and magic.

Panel 2: She has turned her head downwards in a medium shot that has her outlined in a dark spotlight, as to emphasize the emotion that she is going through.

Caitlin: And I am a little unstable with the use of it, because it is so pure and raw, and untamed. I need help to learn how to control it. I was hoping that you could help me learn to use it better, maybe just a few lessons and…

Panel 3: Medium shot of Phineus pointing a finger at the viewer/Caitlin in an accusatory manner.

                                    Phineus: Ah ha! I knew there was a catch somewhere in there.

Panel 4: ¾’s panel/side shot of Caitlin looking more desperate as she continues to speak. She is clasping her hands together as she is nervous.

                                    Caitlin: Please, I would have gone to Miranda Wormwood as she was closer but…

Panel 5: A similar panel, to panel one, except it is facing the opposite direction and instead of the angelic woman, we see a very sleazy/whorish looking woman, in a very “Frederic’s of Hollywood” style outfit, as she is smoking something and has a drink in the other hand.

Phineus: She is an ecstasy ridden nymphet that would end up making you just like her…don’t get me wrong she gets results, but seriously.

Page 9: (4 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot as we face Caitlin, and her back is to Phineus now. Her eyes are turned in the direction of Phineus, and she has a slight smile gracing her lips. Phineus is now standing, but he is still behind the desk. She is in her chair yet, and the light is from above. Also she looks a bit sinister, and the pupil is gone from her eyes.

Caitlin: As I was saying though, you are the one I want to teach me though. And Kain said you were the best chance, and the best period.

Phineus: He said that?

Caitlin: Yup.

Panel 2: Close up of Phineus drinking something, as he recounts part of his past.

Phineus: We used to be rivals at Fourier College, but he graduated before me. Naturally I assumed him to be more advanced and adept by now, but if he was defeated by this demon then…

Panel 3: Side shot of Caitlin as she is turning and placing her hands on the desk, and in a standing motion facing Phineus. Her eyes are pleading with him, as she is saying her piece. Phineus is almost taken aback by her sudden outburst of emotion.

Caitlin: But he told me that he was set up, and it was an ambush. He said you were powerful enough to handle it in his stead.

Phineus: Well…alright. Let’s see what you have here then.

Caitlin: I can pay you!

Panel 4: A medium shot of Phineus and Kain shaking hands and smiling. Kain resembles Robert smith from the Cure a bit, during the 80’s.

                                    Phineus: (O.P.) Don’t bother, this is for an old friend, and curiosity sake.

Page 10: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Long shot of the hallway, as Phineus is dodging the shots fired by Sara and the children. The hallway is very much like Silent Hill’s hospital hallway, rusted and insides exposed. Very dark and creepy is the atmosphere.


Phineus: Sara! What are you doing?! What is this all about…and when did the kids learn o use weapons?!

Sara: You’ve been out of it for sometime darling, and they needed to learn to defend themselves from deadbeats like you! You’ll rue the day you betrayed me!

Phineus: (in thought) “Rue the day”, who talks like that?

Panel 2: Medium shot of Phineus turning a corner and ducking into one of the myriad of doorways in the adjacent hall as another bullet zings by and hits the corner of the wall as he passes it.

                                    SFX: BTING!

Panel 3: Medium shot of Phineus, camera facing his back, is in a check up room. There is a medicine cabinet to his left, opened, and he can see the contents. To his right is an extended portion of the room that is filled with corpses on gurneys and is shrouded in darkness. In front of him are the x-ray machine and some benches. His mind is racing with thoughts right now.

Phineus:  (in thought) I need to hide. I have to get away from her for the moment and figure out what happened here. Also, I need to know why I am all bandaged up on my side like this. Wait…aha!

Panel 4: Close up of Phineus’ hand as it reaches for a scalpel.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) Scalpel!

Panel 5: Medium shot Phineus as he begins to cut away at the bandages surrounding his right side. He is on the floor, back to a gurney that is facing the door.

                                    Phineus: Almost there…

Panel 6: Long shot of a silhouette, which shows Phineus raising the stump of an arm and screaming whilst seated on the floor of the room.

                                    Phineus: AAAAAAAAA!

Page 11: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up shot of Sara’s head raised and to attention of the scream.

Panel 2: Extreme Close up shot of Sara’s lips as they are mouthing some words in glee.

                                    Sara: Well now my darling, found the truth have we?

Panel 3: Side view medium shot of Sara hurrying down the hallway towards the sound of torment.

                                    Sara: So now you know the water and how hot it is that you sit in

Panel 4: Medium shot of Sara opening the door closest to her and looking in.

                                    Sara; Give up, and save yourself, and just maybe you will live through this

Panel 5: Same exact panel except she is looking in the door on the other side a little ways up.

                                    Sara: Don’t count on it though…cheater!

Page 12: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: An establishing shot of an abandoned apartment building. It is dilapidated and in need of heavy repairs. Think of J.F. Sebastian’s home in Bladerunner.

                                    CAPTION: Castle Rock, Maine

CAPTION: Phineus and Caitlin…yes, he remembered her name now. Continuing, they head back to Caitlin’s hometown and prepare to start the investigation.

Panel 2: Medium shot of an opening elevator, and on the inside we can see partially Phineus and Caitlin.

Panel 3: A longer shot of Phineus and Caitlin exiting, and Phineus, arm aglow, heading down a hallway that seems to be glowing with a weird light. Once again a damp and dismal hallway littered with junk, but really nondescript.

                                    Phineus: Hold on a minute Caitlin. Let me…

Panel 4: Close up shot of Caitlin tugging on Phineus’ arm as he walks forward towards the camera.

Caitlin: Phin hold up. It’s just the monitor light and the deprivation unit liquid caught in low light.

Panel 5: A side view of Phineus and Caitlin talking in the middle of the hallway.

                                    Phineus: Oh. Deprivation unit?!

Caitlin: Yeah, Michael in there, the newest victim of the ‘soul’ thief, uses this when he roams the Internet at long intervals. It keeps his body healthy and keeps him…well…sane.

Panel 6: A long shot of the whole room as they enter in. There is a large cylindrical tank in the far corner of the room (think Bacta Tank from Star Wars) with a younger man inside. He has wires attached to a breathing apparatus. There are computer monitors all about and monitoring equipment. The young man’s eyes are open and glazed over, as if he has no soul.

Phineus: Makes sense. What do you mean ‘soul’ thief though?

Caitlin: Apparently the victims are left in a strange form a catatonia, in where they are not alive or dead, as thought their souls were taken from their bodies. So the town has dubbed him the Soul Thief.                            

Phineus: Interesting. So this ‘soul thief’ does this from the Internet then?

                                    Caitlin: Yup.

Page 13: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up shot of Phineus looking down at his right side. We still have not revealed the arm yet.

Panel 2: Larger shot…the Money shot of Phineus right side sans the arm.

Panel 3: Medium shot from behind Phineus back as he turns his head around and over the gurney his back is to. And we see that Sara is coming closer up the hallway through the opened door.

Panel 4: Close up shot of Phineus as he is head down, and concentrating on a spell. This shot is merged with a faded image of Kain’s smiling face.

                                    Phineus: One chance. (Murmuring) ISH NACT BAL DESACHT…

Panel 5: Long shot of Sara knocking down the door and firing several rounds into Phineus. She is wild with a bloodlust, and she is screaming as she fires.

                                    SFX: CRACKABOOM!

                                    SFX: BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA

                                    Sara: Die Deadbeat!

Page 14: (7 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot from a bird’s eye view perspective as Sara is looking down on the body of Phineus. There is a certain glee to her stance and tone. Phineus is quite dead, filled with lead and such.

                                    Sara: I really hate to paraphrase this movie Phin, but “Consida dis a divorce.”

Panel 2: Almost same shot except that the glee is gone from Sara, and also Phineus has disappeared.

                                    Sara: A damn mages trick!

Panel 3: Close up of Sara, as she grimaces in pain from the hit she takes in the back of the head.

                                    SFX: CLANG!

Panel 4: Phineus is bending down, concerned to see the condition of his wife, but he also appears a bit confused.

Phineus: Oh God, Sara! I didn’t mean to hit you that hard Sara… Clang…did you say clang?

Panel 5: Medium shot of Sara rising up quickly. Her face is shrouded by shadows and mist, and her features are disguised.
                                    Sara: (mechanical sounding voice) But I thought you liked it rough Phin!

Panel 6: Same panel as 5, but the face is now completely visible. She is a simulacrum, an android!

                                    Sara: Hello lover.

Panel 7: Long shot of Phineus being tossed across the room into another gurney on the other side of the room knocking over the corpse onto himself.

Page 15: (8 Panels) (This page can be played with Barry, but it’s the way I saw it. You have to draw it though man.)

Panel 1: Close up of Phin as a lighter falls into his lap. He face also shows that an idea has just hit him. In the background we see that the body is behind him, and there are several items strewn about.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) a lighter, this gives me an idea!

Panel 2: Medium shot of Phineus as he looks at Sara, actually looking at the wall behind her to the open medicine kit on the wall mount.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) This is going to hurt, but it has to be done.

Panel 3: Close up of the bottle inside marked Alcohol.
                                    Phineus: (in thought) Hope she follows through like I need her to.

Panel 4: Medium shot of Phineus as he is running at Sara. The angle is from behind Phineus, action line a plenty here.

Panel 5: Medium shot of Sara spiking Phineus into the wall.

Panel 6: Close up shot of Phineus on the ground and he has the bottle of Alcohol in his hand, and he is quickly chanting a few words.

Panel 7: Medium shot of Phineus hurling the alcohol bottle at Sara, and she is engulfed in flames.

                                    Phineus: Eat this you oversized toaster!

                                    SFX: BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!

Panel 8: Medium shot of Phineus standing now, and he is reading himself to get moving.

Page 16: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot of Phineus and Caitlin in the room of Michael Raven. Phineus is sitting in the chair facing the computer nearest Michael. Caitlin is standing next to him.

                                    Caitlin: We need to go online to get to a very important clue Phin.

Phineus: What is that?

Caitlin: Ummm…it kinda needs to be seen, I can’t really explain it with out a visual aid.

Phineus: Ok, but there is only one jack to link to a cerebral port.

Panel 2: Shot of Phineus facing Caitlin and questioning her about the jack in the computer.

Caitlin: Well as you have noticed, I do not have a wet-wired implant to jack in; I can get there by other means.

Phineus: And how is that?

Caitlin: Well the one thing I know pretty well is Technomancy, and Neuromancy specifically.

Phineus: Figures. Ok, let’s go it then.

Panel 3: Medium shot of Phineus plugging in the jack into the base of his skull, and Caitlin touching the Hard Drive.

Panel 4: A huge panel of a weird world, complete with swirling mists and writing shadows as well as what looks like tentacles and eyes, and mouths all about. In the middle is a large Chtulu looking demon (make something up), and he looks kind of pissed…for an amorphous demon anyway.

                                    Phineus: Huh?! Who are you?

Xip Totepic: I am Xip Totepic, Phineus...and I am very displeased that you do not remember me. For it is you and that other bastard mage, Kain Soryan, that defeated me before, and shamed me. Thus I was doomed to propagate in this infernal Internet, but what a collection of souls I have raped, and I wish to add yours to it now! And I also have to thank my unwitting decoy, Caitlin for leading you straight to me!

Panel 5: Close up of Phineus looking at Caitlin, and you can see a glazed look to her eyes accompanied by a blank stare.

                                    CAPTION: Somewhere, a young woman’s scream can be heard.

Page 17: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up of Phineus as he drops his head and sighs in a feigned disgust.

Phineus: (in thought) Got to think fast, or I am done. Bummer, this was starting to be a good day. Need to get some barriers on Caitlin’s mind to possible get some help here, but they won’t take effect for some time. So now I need to by some time.

Panel 2: Medium shot of the demon as he stands defiantly in front of Phineus.

Xip Totepic: After I finish you, I will most assuredly use her to gain a body for the outside world. She is youthful, and very strong in magic.

Panel 3: Medium shot of Kain being drained or menaced in some way by the demon, with a glazed over Caitlin standing in the background as well.

Xip Totepic: (O.P.) Kain chose wisely, but was fooled way too easy…as she set him up as well

Panel 4: Close up of Caitlin’s face, still glazed over, but there is a twinkle forming in her right eye.

Xip Totepic: She is strong with magic, but she has not developed any mental protection as of yet, and like the other squishy humans, she can be subverted to my will.

Panel 5: Long shot of the demon turning and launching a fireball at Phineus.

                                    Xip Totepic: Now as for you…TAKE THIS!

Page 18: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up of Phineus, as he smiles believing he has the upper hand with the oncoming fireball.

                                    Phineus: a fireball…that’s easy to block!

Panel 2: Extreme close up of the demons mouth, as it is in a deranged smile. He knows the truth all too well.

                                    Xip Totepic: (in thought) that is your downfall mortal worm.

Panel 3: Medium shot of Phineus looking worried as his shield to stop the oncoming fireball is somewhat shifting and the fireball seems to be eating the shield.

                                    Phineus: What the!

Panel 4: Extreme close up of Phineus’ eye.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) Oh no!

Panel 5: Long shot of the demon reveling in his handiwork, and watching as Phineus is suffering.

Xip Totepic: I have been saving this for you for a long time Phineus! I watched you for years and learned your style and moves…and your WEAKNESSES! Now suffer, as I have. You have grown arrogant in your magic, but now, you and your magic will be parted, as this will eat your very arm away!

Panel 6: A medium shot of Phineus writhing in agony.

Xip Totepic: (O.P.) And I am going to keep you alive for a while to torture you…and your family! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Page 19: (4 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium to long shot of Phineus as he is moving down the hallway towards a door at the end that seems to be glowing from the inside of the closed door.

Phineus: (in thought) Damn, whoever is doing this is going to feel my pain something fierce. Never thought those simulacra kids were going to die. It feels so weird…they looked and sounded just like my family. Sara…where are you?

Panel 2: Long shot of Phineus as he enters the double doors, and we are treated to a shot straight from Michael Crichton’s Coma. All the people that the demon has stolen souls from are hanging from wires inside the room.. The panel would look nicer with Phineus facing the reader so they can see his reaction.

Panel 3: Medium close up of Phineus recognizing Caitlin amongst the bodies.

                                    Phineus: Caitlin!

Panel 4: Close up of Phineus as he checks, and finds that she still is alive!

                                    Phineus: (in thought) Thank God you’re still alive. I gotta…

Page 20: (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Medium shot of Phineus as he is casting a spell whilst trying to cut her free with his good arm.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) Hang on kiddo.

                                    Phineus: In Nominea Paltus de Torum…

Panel 2: Long shot of the floor behind Phineus in the middle opening up and light pouring forth.

Panel 3: Medium shot of an Alter rising where the hole is, and Xip Totepic at the Alter.

Xip Totepic: Think you can stop me Phineus. You are much too late. How did you like you wife and kids?

Panel 4: Close up of Phineus still casting.

Phineus: (in thought) Got to keep casting for her sake.

Xip Totepic: (O.P.) Answer me worm! You will grovel before my might! I will make you say my name as a lover would in the orgasmic throws of sexual delight! You will worship me ‘fore the night is through!

Panel 5: Long shot of the demon hurling a fireball at Phineus, and Phineus throwing Caitlin out of the way and dodging himself.


Phineus: Damn, I can’t cast anything potent enough to smash this guy without my other arm…

Panel 6: Close up of Phineus’ face, as he is frustrated and running out of ideas quickly.

                                    Phineus: (in thought) …what can I do?

                                    Caitlin: I will be your second arm then Phineus…

                                    Phineus: (in thought) Caitlin!

Page 21: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: medium shot of Phineus looking over at Caitlin’s body as it begins to rise, and the are seems to pick up around her with an energy crackling.

                                    Caitlin: (in Phineus’ mind) Phineus, we need to join our magic’s to do this…ready?

                                    Phineus: (in thought) You bet!

Panel 2: Medium to long shot of Phineus up and running over to where Caitlin is and joining hands with her.

Panel 3: Medium close up of the demon looking on in bewilderment.

Xip Totepic: What’s this? What are you doing?! How? How can you be free witch?! And How can you be still functional you bastard Phineus?!

Panel 4: Close up to Phineus and Caitlin side by side and with their hands join. Their power is swirling in a great magnitude behind them, and picking up force as it goes.

Phineus: Simple you infernal inept dried up pimple on the ass of Hell…I get by with a little help from my friends!

Panel 5: Long shot of Phineus and Caitlin’s energy blast that is destroying the infernal demon where he stands. But while he is atomized he begins to laugh maniacally.

                                    Xip Totepic: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

Page 22: (5 Panels)

Panel 1: Long shot of a large column of light coming down from the heavens and hitting the site where the demon was destroyed. Inside the light is contained the souls of those whom the demon killed. And we see the shape of a familiar one too.

Panel 2: Medium Long shot of the familiar looking soul looming closer to Phineus and Caitlin, while in the background we see the other souls are rising to the top of the column of light.

                                    Kain: Goodbye sweet Caitlin, you are in good hands…er…hand.

                                    Phineus: Yeah yeah, get going… old friend.

Panel 3: Medium shot of Caitlin with her back to Phineus and her head down. A tear is beginning to form in her eye.

                                    Phineus: Where are we?

                                    Caitlin: Still in the cyber world, just disconnect.

Panel 4: Same shot, but they are in the computer room of Michael Raven, and Phineus is in his real clothes again. Now tears are falling from Caitlin’s eyes and she weeps.

Phineus: Cait…it was not your fault. He was more powerful than Kain and me, so do not blame yourself. Besides…

Panel 5: Extreme close up of Caitlin, still teary, but she now has a smile on her lips.

                                    Phineus: …I will not instruct a mope.

                                    Caitlin: -sniff- sure thing boss.

Page 23: (4 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up of a bus stop sign, and behind it is a street corner.

                                    CAPTION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 3 Weeks later.

Panel 2: Long shot of Caitlin talking to Phineus and Sara at the bus stop with the bus pulling up in the background.

Caitlin: Thanks for the help Phineus, I think I will be ok now. And Sara thanks for the cooking tips. Phin I wish we could have found away to regrow or clone your arm, but it seems that part of the spell also affected the regrowth.

Phineus: It’s ok Caitlin…there is always cybernetics!

Panel 3: Medium shot Caitlin as she hugs them both.

Panel 4: Long shot of the back end of a bus pulling away, in the rear window we see Caitlin waving back to them. Phineus and Sara are waving at the bus leaving.

CAPTION: Living in dreams alone can be somewhat detrimental, but we must learn to come to terms with our dreams, and seek the truth…then only then, can we live our life, ready for anything.

                                    CAPTION: The End.

Phineus: Magician for Hire is ™ and © 2004 Barry Linck
Prodigal Child is © 2004 J.R. Bender and Seraphic Vision Studios